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The risk is all too evident...

The focus of the development of an understanding of structural behaviour is to provide the engineer with skills to check the structure at crucial stages of development. The most important stage is the checking of the computer output. This SCOSS report is a stark example of extraordinary incompetence and the complete absence of checking procedures.

614 Columns missing due to 3-D modelling

Report ID: 614

Published: Newsletter No 45 - January 2017

Report Overview

A new 8-storey residential concrete frame building is being constructed and several columns have been omitted from the ground and first floor level drawings, says a reporter. Without the columns, a 225mm thick RC slab was being asked to span up to 14m.

Report Content

A new 8-storey residential concrete frame building is being constructed and several columns have been omitted from the ground and first floor level drawings, says a reporter. Without the columns, a 225mm thick RC slab was being asked to span up to 14m. Some of the missing columns were spotted by the concrete frame company's project manager. Others were not immediately obvious due to transfer structures and column plan positions changing up the building. Consequently, these columns were not built by the contractor, who continued to prop off the slab in the usual way during construction of the upper floors. The consulting engineers cited the use of BIM modelling software as the reason for these serious omissions. Is the use of 3-D modelling a distraction to producing clear, accurate and well thought out construction drawings?

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I am very pleased with the course and already feel I am plugging the gaps in my knowledge. Thank you very much for providing an excellent course at a price I can afford.

As a graduate structural engineer, I found the two online courses very helpful for the understanding of the behaviour of structures. I have found the second course very interesting as you explain the way that an engineer has to think.

E-Training News

20 May 2017

The risk is all too evident

For the full version of the SCOSS report with comments by the SCOSS committee

24 Jun 2016

Taught courses at IStructE

We have got off to a flying start with enrolments on the Behaviour course as soon as it was offered. Please register at Hope to see you there.

31 Mar 2016

IStructE will be running courses From Autumn 2016

The Institution will be running taught courses in the Autumn at Headquarters. The dates for my courses are as follows; Understanding Structural Behaviour 5th/6th September and 1st/2nd December. Understanding Structural Design (for which the taught or ETS Behaviour course is a pre-requisite) 26th/27th January 2017. Please contact to register.

10 Mar 2016

Ian Duncan

It is with sadness that we announce the death of Ian Duncan on 26th February after a long illness. Ian was a friend and colleague and the author of the Case Study, 'The Bridge at Cribbs Causeway'. We will miss his energy and expertise.

22 Sep 2015

Structural Behaviour Examination

We are pleased to announce that the Institution of Structural Engineers has launched this initiative and it is live on their website. The background is discussed by Prof Tim Ibell, in his President's address (February 2015 V93 Issue2). One purpose of this examination is to provide a route from Ieng to CEng. But it is clearly stated that the primary objective is to improve the understanding of structural behaviour worldwide. This is a powerful endorsement for the ideas promoted by David Brohn for many years. The e-course, 'Understanding Structural Behaviour' will clearly support this initiative. The link to the supporting textbook is given below.

11 Jun 2015

Updated CPD hours for U Structural Desgn

A review of feedback has confirmed that the study time for this course is greater than our first assessment and we have increased it to 8 hours. There will be no increase in price until we review them in 2016.

01 Jun 2015

University of Limerick

We are pleased to announce that David Brohn has been appointed to the role of External Examiner to the Civil Engineering Department. It promises to be a most interesting experience as the Department has adopted a radically different approach to the course structure which is based on Project Based Learning.

09 Apr 2015

New IStructE President

Prof Tim Ibell, references the pioneering work of David Brohn on the development of an understanding of structural behaviour in his Inaugural Address.Vol 93 (2015) Issue 2.

15 Oct 2014

Understanding Structural Analysis

Great news! We're revising and improving the USA course based on your feedback. It's temporarily offline but we'll be bringing back a newer better version in spring next year. If you're already studying this course, you won't be affected.

24 Apr 2014

ETS is Heartbleed Safe

Many of you will have read in the news recently about the Heartbleed security vulnerability. We're happy to confirm that the E-Training System is not at risk and that any personal details you store on the site are safe.